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Top Tips For A Successful Sale

We asked one of our established partners how best to achieve a successful sale at the best price. Ana and Manuel from their office in Spain shared their approach with us.

If you would like a introduction to Ana or Manuel and their professional and well established team, please click on the link

These are the how they described the steps they would take:


A visit to the property for a preliminary assessment and advice on the market price.


We will make an appointment at our office, where we will carry out the following: 

• Personalized analysis: Why have you decided to sell? Aims, needs, dates of moving house, mortgage, analysis of the potential buyer, setting,…. everything makes a difference  when making one of the most important decisions … THE PRICE.

• More than a client!!! It is time to formalize our business relationship (signing of the contract).

• More than a seller!!! We will give you a detailed explanation of our services, propose a personalized marketing plan to apply to achieve our main goal… sell your home in the most effective manner possible. We will always seek your maximum profit and satisfaction. If you have any doubts, we will clear them up and give you advice to make things easier for the duration of the sales process.


Collection of documents. We will provide our DOCUMENTATION CHECKLIST, where you will find the list of documentation required to sell your home. This process helps us all speed up the work, since all these documents are necessary to complete the sale and sign the deed. In addition, we will avoid headaches in the future.


Preparation of the home.  We will provide our HOUSE PREPARATION CHECKLIST. It is time to check the current condition of your home, and we will focus on the points that can be improved, with the intention of getting the best price for your home. We will give you guidelines to follow to turn your home into a “magazine house”.

 1 – Provision of items for photos: If necessary, we will provide decorative items to achieve striking and vibrant photos.

 2 – Home-Staging Service: Where necessary we will offer our home-staging service. We will show you photographs demonstrating the BEFORE AND AFTER of some of our work.


We will give you some tips to get the widest possible publicity for your home. Your immediate circle of friends and relatives are potential buyers. Within one week, we will deliver the selection of photos, the video and the shop window cards.


FIRST VISIT: WHAT SHOULD I DO? HOW DO I PREPARE MY HOUSE? SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO? It is time for the visits and we cannot neglect any detail. Therefore, in our HOUSE PRESENTATION CHECKLIST you will find a quick guide of all the details you should not forget. 

A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS Preparing a quality photo report. A qualified person will take and edit the photos to enhance the “selling points” of your home.

VIDEO/ANIMATED COMPOISTION WIT MUSICAND ESSENTIAL TEXT. We will prepare an animated composition combining images, text and music. 


It’s marketing time:

• We hang the “FOR SALE” sign.

• Posting on our website.

• We place the sign in our window (subject to availability).

• Publication in MLS.

• Publication in ASIVEGA.

• Direct gateway to real estate websites.

• We give you the photographic material.


You will be updated after each visit to convey opinions, impressions, orientation of the potential buyer, etc. 


You will receive a phone call to quantify visits: comparison with other similar homes, comparison with number of visits in the previous period, possible price adjustment, new marketing strategy:

If the house is still for sale we will review our marketing plan. We will discuss together what possibility is the most appropriate for you, such as: new photo report, new video, new shop window sign, price adjustment, remove photos from websites and post them again after one week, open house.


We will prepare your house to be open to the public for 10 hours. We will make a marketing plan with the intention of reaching the greatest number of people interested in buying. 



The moment of truth is near!!! We will discuss the offer together and, if you require, will be happy to advise you. REMEMBER… THE FIRST OFFER IS USUALLY THE BEST! DONE IT! Got a buyer. Now what do I do? We offer personalized legal, financial and tax advice, arrangement with the buyer of dates for the signing of the deed, methods of payment, etc. Our goal… your peace of mind!!!


You will be accompanied by a team of professionals who will be responsible for dealing with the signing of the deed without any shocks or last minute surprises!!!

If you would like a introduction to Ana or Manuel and their professional and well established team, please click on the link

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