Living in Spain

Selling your Spanish Home without leaving the UK

There are times when for personal reasons travelling to Spain to deal with the sale of a your home abroad is either emotionally, physically or just too time pressured to achieve. The following story is one such case and how Properties Overseas helped find the solution.

Jane had known the area on the Costa Blanca since the 1990`s and seen it develop over the years, forming long lasting valuable friendships with people of many nationalities. Having enjoyed numerous family summer holidays and weekend breaks over the decades, Jane took the decision to sell after sadly losing her partner earlier in the year.

Making the journey would have brought back too many painful memories, so Jane needed to find a way to resolve this issue. Fortunately Properties Overseas, a business based in the UK specialising in overseas property offered the solution.

Here is Jane’s story and briefly the steps Properties Overseas took her through.

“Firstly, there was an initial chat to discuss my present situation and what ultimately I wanted to happen with the property.

It was established that I wanted the sale to be handled remotely and with as little involvement from me as possible. The conversation centered around the location, potential value and access to the property.

I was asked, did I have any legal representation in Spain and if so was a power of attorney in place? Fortunately I did, however, if the answer had been no to either to both, legal professionals were available both here in the UK and Spain through their partner network.

Access to the property and a valuation by their Spanish estate agent was arranged and completed. A call to discuss and agree on the price and how it would be marketed was organised. This included using digitally platforms both local, nationally and internationally along with more traditional marketing methods.

The Spanish agents handled the personal viewing of prospective buyers and the subsequent offers were vetted to ensure buyers had the finance in place to proceed.

I was updated regularly and had Properties Overseas and direct access to their Spanish partners to call on for reassurance and any queries throughout the process.

Soon offers were received and I made my decision having had time to consider the best one for me. I wasn’t pressured for a decision. It was important for me that I was not being pushed into any instant decisions. At this time Properties Overseas were liaising with the Spanish agent on progress throughout and it was very useful to have a UK based company to call and chat through the options and any questions I had.

With a final decision made contracts were drawn up and signed and the legal process took its course.”

This was achieved whilst I stayed in the comfort of my home here in the UK. Everything was put in place including a valuation, viewings, sales documentation and remitting the funds. From start to finish the process took 6 weeks.

“At a time when I needed some help, I received the support and professionalism, sensitively delivered.”

Thanks to Abaco Advisers for the graphic describing the legal steps . If you would like anymore information or a personal introductions to Abaco Advsers or any of our professional network please contact us

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