Living in Spain

Time to explore for your dream home in the sun

How long does it take to buy a house abroad?. The short answer is it varies considerably. Perhaps a better idea is to undertake the research well in advance and when the time is right you will be prepared. Deciding the location, type of property, budget, useful contacts etc.,

A additional factor is the exchange rate for UK buyers purchasing in the Euro zone. Here is some information which may help you decide to look now and be prepared to buy.

New properties often have stage payments and spread the cost over a period of time. A variety of financial contracts are available to potentially suit your needs and expert advice is valuable.

Source : smart currency 7/1/22

The pound remains at strong levels against the euro and the dollar.

In the UK business world, the service sector was hit hard by the Omicron variant in December as PMI figures fell to a 10-month low. House prices have also seen record growth, reaching their highest levels since 2007. In the eurozone, markets were surprised by surging German inflation figures. The December figures were the highest in nearly 30 years. All eyes will now be on inflation figures for the whole eurozone which are due to be released later this morning. The dollar saw some headwind yesterday as markets displayed anxiety over the upcoming US interest rate decision. PMI figures and initial jobless claims also failed to impress. Today, non-farm payrolls for December will be released. Make sure any upcoming transactions are protected against the risks of sudden market movements. Secure a fixed exchange rate now with a forward contract
Please CONTACT US here at Properties Overseas both Paul & Sue have personal experience of buying property and a partner network to help you in the many aspects of buying or selling property in Spain.



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