Buying in Spain

What is the Non-lucrative Visa?

Visas now seem to come in all shapes and sizes, and their value needs to be carefully evaluated according to a individual’s aims and personal circumstances. Today our focus is the non lucrative visa.

We are pleased to share the extract from a recent newsletter from one of our professional partners Abaco Advisers, solicitors based in Spain, penned by David Ruiz of Torrevieja Transactions:

If you live in a country outside of the EU and wish to live permanently in Spain, then applying for the non-lucrative visa might be the next step for you. This visa, is initially granted for a year, however, can eventually translate into permanent residency. The main catch being that it does not allow you to work or run a business in Spain. The full article can be view clicking on the link below.

Non Lucrative Residence Visa Spain

Whatever route you choose when considering a move to another country if not fluent in the language, the benefits of a translator can be invaluable. It will enable you to gain a clear understanding of the finer points of the conditions of the visa which may be critical in your decision making.

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