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ETIAS -European Travel Information Authorisation Service

How will ETIAS affect UK travellers visiting Spain with its introduction scheduled for end of 2022.

We look at the way travelling will be changing for residents of the UK in the future. Focusing on the new forthcoming arrangements when visiting Spain and other countries within the Schengen Area.

ETIAS is being developed by the EU and will operate in all the countries within the Schengen Area; some 25. This will apply to visitors from many countries who in the past needed no visa requirements to visit Spain or EU countries. Those affected include UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico etc., to name just a few.

The good news is, it will require a simple on line application. There will be no need for trips to a embassy or consulate. Payment will be by credit/debit card and it will be valid for a period of 3 years. In the majority of cases, it should be a straight forward process to obtain approval. The cost will be low and affordable. At least, that is what is being communicated.

Children/minors will also need to register for ETIAS. Parents and guardians can apply for their children. When filling in their own forms they can indicate that they also request authorisation for their children.

It is suggested it will require couple of weeks for approval. However, it maybe worth allowing slightly longer as the system around peak times to travel e g. during school holidays may become heavily used.

The rationale behind this change is to improve security and not just to rely solely on a passport to access Spain and the Schengen Area. Those of us who have travelled in the last year have become acustomed to extra documentation to travel and this something we need to get familiar with to travel to Spain and EU.

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