Living in Spain

Is This the Right Time to Sell Your Spanish or Portuguese Holiday Home?

For many, holiday homes aren’t forever. There comes a time when a change is wanted and selling is the right thing to do. Triggers for this can include:

  • Your children have grown up and the location no longer suits your needs
  • The characteristics of the location have changed
  • You want to do something else with the money invested in your holiday home
  • Health and mobility issues mean you can no longer make use of the property and it becomes a financial drain rather than a source of enjoyment
  • It’s just become too familiar and you want a change

More recently, the pandemic and the after effects have resulted in travel being more difficult, unpredictable and expensive. Whilst, this is most likely temporary, it may have changed your view on the risk of owing a property abroad.

Of course once you have sold your property there is no reason why you can’t visit the area again but without having the maintenance demands of your own place.

Whatever the reason, the process of selling your property may seem complicated, uncertain and daunting. Properties Overseas is here to help. Contact us at or ring us on 0330 001 1247 to discuss how we can assist you.

We provide a range of advice and support to help you complete your purchase quickly and as smoothy as possible.

Click here to read a case study showing how we helped a couple of clients sell their property in Costa Balance

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