Living in Spain

Advantages of a second home

As a owner of a 2nd home I have never regretted the decision buying our place in Orihuela Costa and having our place in the sun. The debate shall I buy or not is often both financial and emotional decisions to make and very individual.

Speaking as a owner I have found the following positives.

  • Your own space to enjoy.
  • Personal belongings safe and sound to use time again, e.g. body boards, bikes etc.,
  • Furnished to your taste.
  • Opportunities to share with family & friends.
  • Meet and make new friends often from many different nationalities as neighbours.
  • Experience and learn a more indepth appreciation of Spainish culture.
  • Become part of a community.
  • Develop relationships and receive a warm welcome with owners of your favourite bars and restaurants.
  • Take a break when it suits you for many weeks if you wish.
  • Rental income if desired when not in use by the owner.
  • A property asset.

Seek advice on the area and facilities and take the time to consider does it suit your requirements.

For guidance and information accumulated over 23 years contact Sue & Paul are here to assist Tel +44 330 001 1247 outside office hours +44 07940 913206.

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