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Why Use Properties Overseas?

Want to buy a property abroad? How do you ensure you make the right choice?

Whilst the internet can find properties with the attributes you search for, identifying those that are in an area that would suit you is very hit and miss. What looks good on the screen, in reality, is a great disappointment in real life. Photos are taken to show off the properties as best they can; pylons, building sites, industrial and commercial neighbours are avoided.

The biggest problem most internet searchers experience is the sheer volume of properties their searches present. Properties Overseas helps its clients avoid overload and confusion. Its experienced people will save you time and help refine your property requirements so you can focus on what suits your needs and preferences. We will give you access to the most appropriate properties. You will save time when visiting Spain to view properties and ensure you get the most from your visit.

Here are a few of the reasons why you should contact Properties Overseas

  • Property Overseas provides an individual service tailored to your personal needs and requirements; 
  • You will benefit from the experience of its people and access over 20 years of knowledge accumulated;
  • Take advantage of their personal experience of researching and buying a property abroad; 
  • Properties Overseas has long standing relationships with its agents, nurtured over many years; 
  • You get step by step advice as and when required; 
  • Face to face meetings and accompanied viewing trips are available if required *;
  • Property Overseas is the gateway to a network of professionals to assist with all aspects of buying or selling; Benefit from a deep understanding of the market and the decision making process; 
  • You are kept informed of the progress of your purchase regularly; 
  • Properties Overseas is member of AIPP (Association of International Property Professionals). The association requires its members to adhere to robust professional standards.

If you would like Properties Overseas to help you find your Spanish Property, call us on 0300 001 1247 or email us at

Brexit – Changes to the rules on Financial Advice

You take financial advice from the UK but live in Spain, France, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta or another EU country? Regulations are changing. What do you need to think about as full Brexit approaches?

Post Brexit

Reassuringly, even if there is a no-deal Brexit, citizens’ rights for UK nationals legally settled in an EU member state by 31 December 2020 are protected under the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement. There are no such guarantees, however, in the area of financial services, which could affect whether you can continue to receive UK-based advice and services as an EU resident. 

You need to make sure you check that your financial planning – and your adviser – will stand up to the challenges that Brexit may bring. Here are four key considerations. 

The end of passporting

If you have a good relationship with your UK-based financial adviser, you may understandably wish to continue using them, despite now living in a different country. However, you need to make sure they can legally continue to advise you after the Brexit transition period. 

Want to now more see this article from Blevins Frank in full follow the link:

Why Buy A Resale Property?

Many coastal areas in Spain are now mature resorts where building sites in prime locations are limited and expensive. In order to get the property you want in a good location, close to the beach and amenities, resale properties maybe the best or only option. There are other advantages, these include:

  • Can be considerably cheaper to buy ( in some areas new builds command a 30% premium)
  • Able to take possession quickly
  • Less expensive community fees
  • More certainty on running costs
  • No further construction disruption in the area
  • You will know what the area will be like in a few years time

Whilst purchasing a new build provides the opportunity buy a modern fully equipped property and to customise it the way you prefer, the lower cost of resale property can enable you to improve or even renovate to achieve what you want well within a lower budget.

Should you want to buy a property in Spain, we will listen to what you will want to use it for, we explore the benefits you want from buying a property and will advise you on how best to achieve them. If you are unsure whether you want a new build or a resale. we can organise viewings of both to help you make up your mind

  • Internal character features
  • Traditional Spanish architecture
  • Mature planted gardens
  • Potential for larger plot size & interior rooms sizes
  • Established & completed community

If you would like to chat through your requirements whether you are interested in a turn key resale or a renovation project please tap on the link

Why Buy A New Property Overseas?

When deciding to buy a property there are often many choices. However we broadly divide into those who want a new property or prefer a older property. We have taken some time to list some of the benefits on offer with a new development to help you weigh up your options.

  • Modern designs to choose from with sleek clean lines
  • Minimalist interiors
  • Choice of fittings, tiles, colour schemes
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Latest heating and water systems helping to reduce bills
  • Eco friendly and sustainable design helping reduce our carbon footprint
  • Furniture packs designed to complement the property interior layout
  • Key ready for immediate enjoyment
  • Light and airey with light filled interiors
  • Designed for modern living in the digital age
  • New developments can offer a range of facilities from outdoor and indoor heated pools, gyms, Jacuzzi, as well as running and cycle tracks.
  • Purpose built storage facilities
  • Security
  • Parking facilities
Modern minimalist design and interiors

If you would like more information on new developments please get in touch. We have a range spanning from modestly priced to very bespoke designed villas.

Selling your Spanish Home without leaving the UK

There are times when for personal reasons travelling to Spain to deal with the sale of a your home abroad is either emotionally, physically or just too time pressured to achieve. The following story is one such case and how Properties Overseas helped find the solution.

Jane had known the area on the Costa Blanca since the 1990`s and seen it develop over the years, forming long lasting valuable friendships with people of many nationalities. Having enjoyed numerous family summer holidays and weekend breaks over the decades, Jane took the decision to sell after sadly losing her partner earlier in the year.

Making the journey would have brought back too many painful memories, so Jane needed to find a way to resolve this issue. Fortunately Properties Overseas, a business based in the UK specialising in overseas property offered the solution.

Here is Jane’s story and briefly the steps Properties Overseas took her through.

“Firstly, there was an initial chat to discuss my present situation and what ultimately I wanted to happen with the property.

It was established that I wanted the sale to be handled remotely and with as little involvement from me as possible. The conversation centered around the location, potential value and access to the property.

I was asked, did I have any legal representation in Spain and if so was a power of attorney in place? Fortunately I did, however, if the answer had been no to either to both, legal professionals were available both here in the UK and Spain through their partner network.

Access to the property and a valuation by their Spanish estate agent was arranged and completed. A call to discuss and agree on the price and how it would be marketed was organised. This included using digitally platforms both local, nationally and internationally along with more traditional marketing methods.

The Spanish agents handled the personal viewing of prospective buyers and the subsequent offers were vetted to ensure buyers had the finance in place to proceed.

I was updated regularly and had Properties Overseas and direct access to their Spanish partners to call on for reassurance and any queries throughout the process.

Soon offers were received and I made my decision having had time to consider the best one for me. I wasn’t pressured for a decision. It was important for me that I was not being pushed into any instant decisions. At this time Properties Overseas were liaising with the Spanish agent on progress throughout and it was very useful to have a UK based company to call and chat through the options and any questions I had.

With a final decision made contracts were drawn up and signed and the legal process took its course.”

The whole achieved whilst I stayed in the comfort of my home here in the UK. Everything was put in place including a valuation, viewings, sales documentation and remitting the funds. From start to finish the process took 6 weeks.

“At a time when I needed some help, I received the support and professionalism, sensitively delivered.”

Thanks to Abaco Advisers for the graphic describing the legal steps . If you would like anymore information or a personal introductions to Abaco Advsers or any of our professional network please contact us

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