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How to buy with confidence abroad?

Consider the range of services and assistance abroad you may wish to access. In addition the support of a UK associate or partner can be a good sound boarding. Available to answer any queries about the process or indeed owning a property abroad from personal experience possibly.

Here are few suggestions, depending on your needs
  • Estate Agent/Developer
  • Legal Representative
  • Mortgage Adviser
  • Bank introduction
  • Architect & Builder
  • Currency Specialist
  • Property Management & Lettings
  • Tax Adviser
  • Insurer

Allowing you to tap into pre, during & after sales advice. Avoiding the here’s the keys and goodbye scenario.

Email for advice and introductions.

Benefit from our support network for buying a property in Spain

Whether you wish to buy a new home to live in full time, wish for a holiday bolthole or wish to design your dream villa in Spain, meet Properties Overseas partners Girasol. They cover Costa Blanca, Granada & Costa del Sol West for us and have the experience, passion & service to make it happen for you

Working as Specialist Property Finders, effectively as “Buyers Agents” working with you to find and negotiate the Ideal Property.

The areas we specialize in to deliver your new home.

  • New and resale property for sale in the Villamartin area of Alicante
  • New and resale property for sale in the Pilar de la Horadada area of Alicante
  • New and resale property for sale in the Guardamar del Segura area of Alicante
  • New and Modern property for sale in the Moraira area of Alicante
  • Country and Character Properties in the Granada province of Spain
  • New and resale property for sale in the Malaga province of Spain
  • New and resale property for sale in the Huelva province of Spain
  • New and Modern property for sale in the Island of Mallorca
  • New and resale property for sale in the Algarve and Silver Coast areas of Portugal .

The Girasol Team

Nigel Salmon

NIGEL SALMON – Managing Director and Founder -Nigel is based in Spain and the UK and travels extensively across the Girasol areas of Spain and Portugal. Always innovating it is his goal to make Girasol recognised for exceptional service and always working with its clients for the best outcomes. This is via systems, technology and the best and brightest people of which he is always looking for to join the team. >

Terry and Lisa Mottershead

Terry & Lisa Mottershead – Spanish Property Directors Granada Region

Terry and Lisa Mottershead are real estate agents and property finders for Girasol Homes in the beautiful Andalusia region of Spain.   They are based in the spa town of Alhama de Granada which is central to the area they cover for Girasol Homes. They are both originally from Lancashire and moved into their home in Alhama de Granada in 2004 And they are now well-integrated into their community and speak fluent Spanish. 

Sharon Hulbert Guardamar & Teulada

Sharon Hulbert

Now based in Guardamar Office but covering both the Vega Baja and North Costa Blanca   Originally from Birmingham UK where I worked in sales in both the Real Estate Industry and the Training industry. I moved to the Costa Blanca in 2003 after deciding that my young family would benefit from a different more relaxed environment… sunny summers spent at the beach, a great social life and less peer pressure!

Mario Sofroniou Senior Sales Consultant

Mario Sofroniou

Mario, is based in the Villamartin Office and lives locally in the area of San Miguel de Salinas, throughly experienced in the Spanish Property Market he is an expert propèrty finder and great at listening to clients needs.Armed with a great sense of humour he is always prepared to go the extra mile.

Spain – Where your € euro can go further

If you are considering buying or renting property in Spain we can help you with advice and introductions to established property finders and helpful professionals.

The cost of living -It is helpful to have a guide to the cost of everyday items like fresh market produce.

Weekly markets selling fresh produce + are easy to find.

The cost of leisure activities such as golf, tennis & water sports are very competitive. This may help you decide if Spain is a good fit for you.

Spain is cheaper than a number of its fellow European countries. Enjoy the wine, tapas and eating out regularly with friends. Spain allows your euro to stretch further.

Savour good wines & fresh tapas

We have found a useful web site with the information you may need. Visit for info on the A-Z cost of living.

Contact us or chat with Sue on 07940913206

Choosing to buy or wanting to sell – The legal aspects

Thinking of Buying or Selling a Property Abroad?

What should I consider before I buy or sell a property abroad?

The world has become a more accessible place for property investment with the advent of travel and technology. A lot of us tend to invest and buy a property overseas for a plethora of reasons whether it is a life-long dream for many people looking for sun, relaxation – and perhaps a place to retire.

Some will plan on basing themselves abroad for a few months of the year while others will want to relocate permanently. Many will pick spots on the Continent though some will venture further afield.

What legal advice do I need when buying a property abroad?

When it comes to purchasing a property abroad each country will have a different legal system which must be followed so you need to be aware of this.  Having different legal systems to contend with makes the whole process of buying a property abroad very complex which people simply do not realise.

Which lawyer should I use when buying a property abroad?

Many property owners encounter problems as they use lawyers who are  recommended by either the estate agent or developer selling the property.  It is essential therefore that you obtain independent legal advice from an English speaking lawyer who is licensed to practice and experienced in property sales. An independent lawyer will be best placed to advice and guide you through this process and will help protect you against the common pitfalls, see for more details.

Do I have to be present when buying or selling a property overseas?

Many countries will use the ‘notarial system’ where the buyer and seller need to be present with a legal representative at the same time to check and sign legal documents to transfer property.

If you are unable to attend to the purchase or sale abroad personally, we at F Barnes offer a notarial service to notarise and authenticate paperwork to facilitate such transactions.  In most cases you will need to sign a power of attorney authorising agents or lawyers abroad to undertake the transaction on your behalf. All such paperwork can be signed before a Notary Public in the UK ensuring that the transaction moves and progresses smoothly. Our Notary Public is Sangeet Tatem

What Tax will I pay on buying or selling a property abroad?

Advise needs to be sought from the agents and lawyers abroad of the consequences and tax positions and how it affects the clients tax planning strategies in the UK.

Will I have to pay UK Tax when buying or selling a property abroad?

This area is complex and is different to each individual. As a general rule you will be liable to pay Capital Gains Tax but you may possibly be able to claim some tax relief if you are being taxed twice.

 At F Barnes we advise of the implications of your property sales and purchases in relation to your UK position covering inheritance and Capital Gains Tax consequences so that you are fully aware of your liabilities with no surprises.

Does my English will cover property owned by me overseas?

Not necessarily. Overseas property is generally put into two different categories as far as Inheritance legislation is concerned.

If the property is ‘immoveable’ such as land or buildings then this would normally be the subject of the inheritance laws of the country it is in and will not be covered by your English Will.

In this instance you will need to prepare a Will that is recognised in that country or without a valid Will it will pass under the Inheritance laws of that country.

If the property is recognised as ‘moveable’ such as money, shares and personal belongings then as a general rule these items would be covered under your English Will although this is not necessarily the case as it differs according to the country the property is in at the time.

We would advise that if you are investing in a property overseas you seek  advice on the drafting of your Will in the UK. We are able to talk you through the whole process and will guide you as to the need to have a second Will prepared in the country to which your property relates.

There are rules that state your current Will revokes all previous so it is important to ensure that to have everything covered you make sure who ever prepares the Wills for you knows that you  have more than one.

What other Tax implications are there with ownership of a property abroad?

It is important to note that there are:

  • Inheritance tax implications on emigrating abroad
  • Tax consequences in connection with foreign spouses

We can advise on both aspects.

What services can a Notary Public help with?

A notary can not only assist with the above but they can also assist with the following:

  • preparing and witnessing powers of attorney for use overseas
  • dealing with purchase or sale of land and property abroad
  • authenticating foreign wills and providing documents to deal with the administration of the estates of people who are abroad, or owning property abroad
  • providing documents to deal with the administration of the estates of people who are abroad, or owning property abroad
  • affidavits, oaths and declarations
  • authenticating personal documents and information for immigration or emigration purposes, or to apply to marry or to work abroad, such as education or professional qualifications or declarations of freedom to marry
  • authenticating company and business documents and transactions or providing certificates as to the status of a company or the identity of its directors
  • consent forms for minors to travel abroad
  • change of name documents or deed polls
  • sponsorship forms
  • police documents, CRB checks
  • proof of life forms
  • certifying all documents
  • legalisation at the Foreign Commonwealth Office and other embassies and Consulate

For more guidance on the services of a Notary Public and the costs involved contact Properties Overseas for an introduction to Sangeet and her team.

Design your own villa

We are able to source plots of land in Costa Blanca & Menorca.

Properties Overseas and their Spanish partners offer bespoke designed villas and full support throughout the whole project.

Guiding you through local planning laws, with advice on latest materials and energy saving designs and appliances.

Both inland and coastal locations are available, along with some commercial investment projects.

Contact us for a chat to discuss your requirements

Tel +44 330 001 1247

Mob +44 7940 913206

If you would to view country locations as your possible new home, make it happen and call us.

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