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Currency Specialists – How do they fit into the buying or selling property mix

Currency Specialists have become a vital element in the process of either buying or selling a international property.

As their name suggests their sole focus is to specialise in buying or selling currency. They are able to get rates of exchange much better than a individual would achieve through the banks. Often no fees or transfer fees are payable.


The financial saving can be substantial when transferring £000’s to buy a property or indeed repatriating funds following a sale of a holiday home.


A comprehensive service is offered making the transaction easy and smooth.

For further advice on a range of currency options, contact us for a personal introduction to a currency specialist.

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Speak to Andy Thomas quoting properties for excellent service.


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Tips for owning a property in Spain & its islands

Keyholder – Looking after your investment

This is essentially a trusted individual or company who has access to your property in your absence.


Generally their role is to check on the property and ensure it is in good order. They may check all the rooms, aire the property and flush the toilets on a regular basis. Some may have a complete range of services including maintenance of the garden and pool if required.

How do you find such people, or companies?

Recommendations is a good source by asking neighbours, friends or other locals. You may find a neighbour is either semi or retired and happy to help out for a small fee.


Property management companies are generally able to offer a wide range of services including general maintenance and repairs to keep your property in good condition.

A number of technological gadgets are available to monitor activity inside and outside the property. It is personal choice what makes you feel safe in the knowledge your property will not have any surprises for you on your next visit.


For information on a well established property management in Menorca & Nerja please contact for further details and introduction.

Tel Mob 07940913206 to discuss your requirements immediately.

More Tips when owning a property in Spain

Retaining a legal representative in Spain

From personal experience having a relationship with a good solicitor in Spain is sound advice.

The solicitors offer a range of services and often for a small annual fee.


Here are some benefits to consider:

It offers reassurance and confidence everything is being handled correctly.

A point of reference regarding legal issues.

Ensuring your annual taxes are paid and up to date.

Dealing with queries regarding utilities/bank which may occur.

Assist with making a will and have a copy held for safe keeping in Spain.

Clarify and advise concerning community law in Spain.


Throughout life your personal circumstances may change from time to time, and how that may affect you and or your family can have unforseen consequences. A call or email can put your mind at ease, or if needed be able to prepare in the best possible way to deal with any changes.

Please contact for personal introductions to our professional network of solicitor in Spain.

Brexit – Don’t put your life on hold, and wait to buy your place in the sun

By having property valued in euros now you can hedge against any potential devaluation in the £ in the future.

With property assets and income available in euros you can choose when you wish to repatriate funds to the UK or use anywhere in the euro-zone.

With advice on the financial aspects of buying in Spain, and tapping into contacts such as currency specialists can make savings on the total cost.

Properties Overseas fits the pieces together so that you can successfully buy with confidence in Spain… Call 0330 001 1247 or outside of office hours 07940 913206

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