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Using Your Holiday Home as a Base to Explore Spain

When considering buying a second home in Spain, one of the reservations in many people’s minds is that they will not get to see other places. However, many of the popular holiday home locations also have travel companies that provide a range of trips and visits. They can be used to explore nearby locations on day trips or to go further for a few nights.

Using a holiday home in Costa Blanca a couple booked a 3 day trip to Seville and Jerez. This enabled them to visit the world famous riding school and a bodega in Jerez where barrels signed by Margaret Thatcher, Bobby Charlton and Michael Schumacher and many more were stacked. On the other days they explored the beautiful city of Seville. The bonus was the journey there across Southern Spain past stunning countryside including the snow capped Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Interested in having your own base in Spain from which to explore the country? Contact Properties Overseas on + 44 3300011247 or email for a free exploratory conversation.

Property Type & Style

When choosing to buy a property abroad or a home, what questions do we need to ask ourselves? What factors should be considered regarding the style of property? Here are some ideas for you to explore.

Unless you are able to build your individual bespoke designed property, the location you choose may have its own range and style of properties.

Price and location play their part, together with layout, light & space.

How does the property work for you or your family needs?

Does the layout give you the flexibility required?

Apartments – Traditional Style

Traditional apartments can be in well established communities and areas with facilities such as shops, restaurants and local transport nearby. They possibly offer more character features and a homely feel. The overall space can be larger than new builds and have larger communal gardens.

On the flip side, older windows with sometimes less floor to ceiling windows and bi fold doors may affect the light available and energy efficiency of the apartment.

ApartmentsModern Style

These type of apartments are common amongst new builds offering minimalist and a clean lines feel. The facilities can be a simple pool area or include gardens, gym and padel courts. The design tend to include open plan kitchens and living areas. This can be a long and narrow lounge area at the lower price range, with wider spacious more square living areas in the higher price bracket. A point to remember is older apartments may have less expensive annual community fees compared to new developments so your budget can sometimes make the decision for you.

In a Dilemma ?

We have many years of experience in the overseas property industry as well as personally purchasing a property back 1999. Contact us for some ideas to help with your search.

ETIAS -European Travel Information Authorisation Service

How will ETIAS affect UK travellers visiting Spain with its introduction scheduled for end of 2022.

We look at the way travelling will be changing for residents of the UK in the future. Focusing on the new forthcoming arrangements when visiting Spain and other countries within the Schengen Area.

ETIAS is being developed by the EU and will operate in all the countries within the Schengen Area; some 25. This will apply to visitors from many countries who in the past needed no visa requirements to visit Spain or EU countries. Those affected include UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico etc., to name just a few.

The good news is, it will require a simple on line application. There will be no need for trips to a embassy or consulate. Payment will be by credit/debit card and it will be valid for a period of 3 years. In the majority of cases, it should be a straight forward process to obtain approval. The cost will be low and affordable. At least, that is what is being communicated.

Children/minors will also need to register for ETIAS. Parents and guardians can apply for their children. When filling in their own forms they can indicate that they also request authorisation for their children.

It is suggested it will require couple of weeks for approval. However, it maybe worth allowing slightly longer as the system around peak times to travel e g. during school holidays may become heavily used.

The rationale behind this change is to improve security and not just to rely solely on a passport to access Spain and the Schengen Area. Those of us who have travelled in the last year have become acustomed to extra documentation to travel and this something we need to get familiar with to travel to Spain and EU.

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What is the Non-lucrative Visa?

Visas now seem to come in all shapes and sizes, and their value needs to be carefully evaluated according to a individual’s aims and personal circumstances. Today our focus is the non lucrative visa.

We are pleased to share the extract from a recent newsletter from one of our professional partners Abaco Advisers, solicitors based in Spain, penned by David Ruiz of Torrevieja Transactions:

If you live in a country outside of the EU and wish to live permanently in Spain, then applying for the non-lucrative visa might be the next step for you. This visa, is initially granted for a year, however, can eventually translate into permanent residency. The main catch being that it does not allow you to work or run a business in Spain. The full article can be view clicking on the link below.

Non Lucrative Residence Visa Spain

Whatever route you choose when considering a move to another country if not fluent in the language, the benefits of a translator can be invaluable. It will enable you to gain a clear understanding of the finer points of the conditions of the visa which may be critical in your decision making.

Spanish Property Sales

Recent property statistics in Spain shows positive sales figures, the highest in 14 years.

This reflects the experience of Properties Overseas. Interest in the Spanish market is back. We have taken on several instructions, to sell property in Orihuela Costa and Nerja areas of Spain.

The reasons behind a sale can be straightforward or more complex involving multiple owners or reasons as diverse as wanting to downsize, upscale, change location, property was inherited. Or simply, it no longer fits your needs whether due to ill health or otherwise etc.,

In addition to personal clients, we have been assisting solicitors in the UK dealing with divorce or probate/inheritance where a foreign property asset is part the settlement or estate. We do this by drawing on our professional network in Spain to help complete a successful transaction.

Here is an extract one of our professional partners newsletters Abaco Advisers, which mirrors Properties Overseas experience:

“If you’re wanting to sell your home in Spain and you’re looking for some positive news then you might be interested in viewing Spanish Property Insight’s take on the house sale figures for November 2021. They suggest that home sales in November were the highest they have been for 14 years. Certainly, it seems as though the money some people saved during the pandemic is being channelled into dreams of holiday home sunshine.”

Our experience shows a well established agent who knows their market, will already have serious buyers on its books. By matching the property with buyer’s requirements, they can even avoid the need to advertise. A sale can often be made in days after going on the market, as a result.

Stick or Twist

If you wish to sell your property ask yourself

Is now the time to sell?

Unable to travel to Spain to sell your property is NO reason not to sell.


For more detailed information on sales figures visit:

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