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Why Buy A New Property Overseas?

When deciding to buy a property there are often many choices. However we broadly divide into those who want a new property or prefer a older property. We have taken some time to list some of the benefits on offer with a new development to help you weigh up your options.

  • Modern designs to choose from with sleek clean lines
  • Minimalist interiors
  • Choice of fittings, tiles, colour schemes
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Latest heating and water systems helping to reduce bills
  • Eco friendly and sustainable design helping reduce our carbon footprint
  • Furniture packs designed to complement the property interior layout
  • Key ready for immediate enjoyment
  • Light and airey with light filled interiors
  • Designed for modern living in the digital age
  • New developments can offer a range of facilities from outdoor and indoor heated pools, gyms, Jacuzzi, as well as running and cycle tracks.
  • Purpose built storage facilities
  • Security
  • Parking facilities
Modern minimalist design and interiors

If you would like more information on new developments please get in touch. We have a range spanning from modestly priced to very bespoke designed villas.

Selling your Spanish Home without leaving the UK

There are times when for personal reasons travelling to Spain to deal with the sale of a your home abroad is either emotionally, physically or just too time pressured to achieve. The following story is one such case and how Properties Overseas helped find the solution.

Jane had known the area on the Costa Blanca since the 1990`s and seen it develop over the years, forming long lasting valuable friendships with people of many nationalities. Having enjoyed numerous family summer holidays and weekend breaks over the decades, Jane took the decision to sell after sadly losing her partner earlier in the year.

Making the journey would have brought back too many painful memories, so Jane needed to find a way to resolve this issue. Fortunately Properties Overseas, a business based in the UK specialising in overseas property offered the solution.

Here is Jane’s story and briefly the steps Properties Overseas took her through.

“Firstly, there was an initial chat to discuss my present situation and what ultimately I wanted to happen with the property.

It was established that I wanted the sale to be handled remotely and with as little involvement from me as possible. The conversation centered around the location, potential value and access to the property.

I was asked, did I have any legal representation in Spain and if so was a power of attorney in place? Fortunately I did, however, if the answer had been no to either to both, legal professionals were available both here in the UK and Spain through their partner network.

Access to the property and a valuation by their Spanish estate agent was arranged and completed. A call to discuss and agree on the price and how it would be marketed was organised. This included using digitally platforms both local, nationally and internationally along with more traditional marketing methods.

The Spanish agents handled the personal viewing of prospective buyers and the subsequent offers were vetted to ensure buyers had the finance in place to proceed.

I was updated regularly and had Properties Overseas and direct access to their Spanish partners to call on for reassurance and any queries throughout the process.

Soon offers were received and I made my decision having had time to consider the best one for me. I wasn’t pressured for a decision. It was important for me that I was not being pushed into any instant decisions. At this time Properties Overseas were liaising with the Spanish agent on progress throughout and it was very useful to have a UK based company to call and chat through the options and any questions I had.

With a final decision made contracts were drawn up and signed and the legal process took its course.”

This was achieved whilst I stayed in the comfort of my home here in the UK. Everything was put in place including a valuation, viewings, sales documentation and remitting the funds. From start to finish the process took 6 weeks.

“At a time when I needed some help, I received the support and professionalism, sensitively delivered.”

Thanks to Abaco Advisers for the graphic describing the legal steps . If you would like anymore information or a personal introductions to Abaco Advsers or any of our professional network please contact us

The Value of Menorca

Menorca is the second largest in the group of islands known as the Balearics, with Mallorca being the largest. It has it own distinctive charm with the underdeveloped rugged northern coast, to beautiful bays on the south coast to hop between. The 2 beautiful historical cities of Mahon and Ciutadella hold many treasures to enjoy day after day. You can see and feel the history ooze through the cobbled streets and magnificent open squares.

The island lies roughly 140 miles southeast of Barcelona. Many of the locals use the regular ferry service or flights to Barcelona and Majorca for mega shopping trips etc., like we would use the train in the UK.

The island is very safe and its people welcoming, with a strong cultural heritage very evident today.

Property Value

The choice of properties from coastal holiday apartments and villas to white washed townhouses, historical period properties in Mahon or Ciutadella to rustic Menorcan farmhouses or renovated windmills the choice is very varied and appealing.

The island has not become a victim of over development and sprawling high rise. The interior which is never far away from the coast can be green and tranquil for those wishing to escape to a more peaceful environment.

Property prices offer good value in particular when compared to Mallorca, Ibiza and parts of the Spanish mainland. All reasonable offers will be considered.

Please visit this link below to view a small selection of properties. If you would like to register to view our extensive portfolio complete our contact form.

If you would prefer to rent a property and research the area before your house hunt please visit our rental section. Our partners Menorca Gold have extensive knowledge of Menorca and would be able to assist you during your stay on the island. Visit our rental page for examples

We are here for help and advice.

Spain – Summer/Autumn 2020

We have all seen some changes in 2020 affecting the way we live our lives. However the simple pleasures and tastes are still wanted.

Spain has adapted in postive ways increasing hygiene, social distancing etc.,

Bars and restaurants are still open and people taking advantage of the their sun filled terraces to sip some wine or a cocktail and the outdoor lifestyle.


Beaches like La Zenia on the Costa Blanca, where you can mark out your space on the beach to enjoy yourselves safely.

A lovely early morning stroll by the coast and feel the sea breeze, or feast your eyes on the vibrant colours of Spanish flora and fauna is a perfect way to start the day.

Feedback from visitors, and friends often say ” We feel safe and relaxed here”

The coastal areas are quieter and less crowded than normal, but still to be enjoyed. It is personal judgement call whether to visit and while in Spain to help everyone stay postive and safe by following the local guidance.

Coastal walks

We will be visiting Spain in October and keeping you up to date with our blogs during our stay.

If you are considering buying property in Spain within the next 12 months please get in touch for a informative chat with us.

Property restoration in Mahon, Menorca

Restoring an old apartment in the centre of Mahon and bringing it back to life is always good news.

Have you ever considered such a project but feel a little nervous?

If you have the determination with the right team to support you, the result can be extremely rewarding. We can source historical character properties on the beautiful island of Menorca through our valued partners.

Here is the journey of one such project told by our partners in Menorca, please click on the link at the foot of the page to view the pictorial story.

The Story …

Today we wanted to explain how a home that had been uninhabited for more than 20 years, was given a second chance; providing a new home, not only with character and history, but with all the modern comforts we expect today. Its owner is an architect specializing in home renovation and energy efficiency and his vast experience made it easy for him to see the potential of the property.  Our sales negotiator knew straightaway what the architect was looking for – something economical in the centre of Mahon that had charm even though it was in a state of disrepair.  His aim was to enjoy the process of rehabilitation that lay ahead.  After only viewing four or five different properties, this expert decided on one of the apartments that Jose had shown him and in less than a month he had signed the contract in front of a notary and started the renovation work needed before being able to rent it out.

For more information click on the following link

For more information on similar properties

If you are interested in a renovation opportunity in Menorca or eleswhere in Spain, contact us for more information on how to start your search and secure a suitable property. Go to

We would like to thank Bonnin Sanso as the source of the article and pictures.

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