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Property Type & Style

When choosing to buy a property abroad or a home, what questions do we need to ask ourselves? What factors should be considered regarding the style of property? Here are some ideas for you to explore.

Unless you are able to build your individual bespoke designed property, the location you choose may have its own range and style of properties.

Price and location play their part, together with layout, light & space.

How does the property work for you or your family needs?

Does the layout give you the flexibility required?

Apartments – Traditional Style

Traditional apartments can be in well established communities and areas with facilities such as shops, restaurants and local transport nearby. They possibly offer more character features and a homely feel. The overall space can be larger than new builds and have larger communal gardens.

On the flip side, older windows with sometimes less floor to ceiling windows and bi fold doors may affect the light available and energy efficiency of the apartment.

ApartmentsModern Style

These type of apartments are common amongst new builds offering minimalist and a clean lines feel. The facilities can be a simple pool area or include gardens, gym and padel courts. The design tend to include open plan kitchens and living areas. This can be a long and narrow lounge area at the lower price range, with wider spacious more square living areas in the higher price bracket. A point to remember is older apartments may have less expensive annual community fees compared to new developments so your budget can sometimes make the decision for you.

In a Dilemma ?

We have many years of experience in the overseas property industry as well as personally purchasing a property back 1999. Contact us for some ideas to help with your search.

What is the Non-lucrative Visa?

Visas now seem to come in all shapes and sizes, and their value needs to be carefully evaluated according to a individual’s aims and personal circumstances. Today our focus is the non lucrative visa.

We are pleased to share the extract from a recent newsletter from one of our professional partners Abaco Advisers, solicitors based in Spain, penned by David Ruiz of Torrevieja Transactions:

If you live in a country outside of the EU and wish to live permanently in Spain, then applying for the non-lucrative visa might be the next step for you. This visa, is initially granted for a year, however, can eventually translate into permanent residency. The main catch being that it does not allow you to work or run a business in Spain. The full article can be view clicking on the link below.

Non Lucrative Residence Visa Spain

Whatever route you choose when considering a move to another country if not fluent in the language, the benefits of a translator can be invaluable. It will enable you to gain a clear understanding of the finer points of the conditions of the visa which may be critical in your decision making.

Music scene -Orihuela Costa

We regularly visit the area and enjoy the vibrant range of music on offer from the local bars and beach bars in the warmer months.

Here is a snapshot of a couple of bands we enjoyed at The Marco Polo bar in Punta Prima.

The range of music is varied covering 80/90’s pop & rock +.

We found most nights live music is available whether 3 or 4 piece bands, acoustic sets or solo performance.

Spanish Property Market

Latest data on property sales in sales show that the reduction in demand due to the pandemic has already ended. 19% higher than the year before Covid hit. Sales are nearly back at the levels seen just before the financial crash, 14 years ago.

The increased demand was experienced in nearly all regions. However, so far property prices have remained steady. If demand continues at current levels, though, it is possible that may change.

Interested in buying a holiday in Spain (or Portugal), email us or ring on +44 330 001 1247

Spanish Taxes

We like to share information from our professional network to keep you up to date with useful information regarding Spain. Today Abaco Advisers based in Torrevieja discuss Spanish Taxes.

31st December – non-resident tax deadline

It’s not only New Year’s Eve on 31st December but also the last day on which you can submit your Modelo 210 as a non-resident. This is the form that non-residents who own property in Spain must file annually as their non-resident income tax declaration.

In this article we explain more about it and the non-resident taxes you are liable to pay: 
Modelo 210: Non-resident income tax in Spain

For more extensive information about all non-resident taxes you can read this complete guide:

Non-resident tax in Spain: The complete guide

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