Want to obtain the best deal when transferring money to or from other countries across the world

Using retail banks to exchange and transfer funds can be an expensive process. Charges for the currency conversion and transfer of the money are significant. Using a currency broker can help you preserve the value of your money. You can end up with 4% extra in your account depending on the amount and other factors

Before using any currency exchange companies or brokers, make sure they are properly regulated and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and have a good reputation.

Properties Overseas is not able to recommend or guarantee the services of any financial institution. However, we can point you in the direction of some established companies.

We have used Currencies 4 You. After completing the formalities of setting up an account with it is quick and easy to transfer funds at very good rates. If you would like a quote from them, click on the button below.

Currency Index have a team of consultants that offer a personal service. To contact them, click on the button below.