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What’s your view on buying Spanish property

Our observations on the Spanish property market

Two main factors have affected people making decisions on buying in Spain recently:

  • the effects of Brexit
  • the arrival of the pandemic

Both raised questions about the short and long term property values in the minds of potential buyers and sellers.

The impact of Brexit is now understood and for those wanting a holiday home, it is small. For those wishing to retire, relocate or spend extended periods in the country, there are new factors to consider.

The pandemic, however, has halted plans for all but those brave enough to buy on the strength of a video tour. We are all hoping it’s influence will continue to reduce and we will be able to largely forget about it soon.

We travelled on business to Spain’s Costa Blanca earlier in the summer. It was a less crowded and quieter environment than normal in June. The majority of bars and restaurants were open and pleased to welcome us. The nationality mix was different than in normal times. Visitors from Scandinavia, Belgium and France exceeded those from the United Kingdom. Whilst it was noticeable how many Spanish tourists were around.

Our agents told us sales of properties had recovered significantly. However, buyers were mainly from continental Europe and elsewhere in Spain rather. There has been particular interested at the top and bottom of the market. Consequently, despite the absence of the British prices had held up well.

As we approach the end of summer and head to autumn, we are interested in your thoughts regarding buying a property in Spain?

  • Has Brexit made you change your attitude to investing in a property in the EU Schengen countries?
  • If so has this made you consider further afield?
  • In light of the pandemic what is your attitude to travel? Are you cautious, desperate to go or anxious?
  • What are the factors that govern your choice of country e.g. Accessibility – Transport – Climate – Health ?
  • Is the lifestyle important. Do you prefer hectic, buzzy , chilled and relaxed or isolated?
  • Is this the right time to make decisions for you?

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Why Use Properties Overseas?

Want to buy a property abroad? How do you ensure you make the right choice?

Whilst the internet can find properties with the attributes you search for, identifying those that are in an area that would suit you is very hit and miss. What looks good on the screen, in reality, is a great disappointment in real life. Photos are taken to show off the properties as best they can; pylons, building sites, industrial and commercial neighbours are avoided.

The biggest problem most internet searchers experience is the sheer volume of properties their searches present. Properties Overseas helps its clients avoid overload and confusion. Its experienced people will save you time and help refine your property requirements so you can focus on what suits your needs and preferences. We will give you access to the most appropriate properties. You will save time when visiting Spain to view properties and ensure you get the most from your visit.

Here are a few of the reasons why you should contact Properties Overseas

  • Property Overseas provides an individual service tailored to your personal needs and requirements; 
  • You will benefit from the experience of its people and access over 20 years of knowledge accumulated;
  • Take advantage of their personal experience of researching and buying a property abroad; 
  • Properties Overseas has long standing relationships with its agents, nurtured over many years; 
  • You get step by step advice as and when required; 
  • Face to face meetings and accompanied viewing trips are available if required *;
  • Property Overseas is the gateway to a network of professionals to assist with all aspects of buying or selling; Benefit from a deep understanding of the market and the decision making process; 
  • You are kept informed of the progress of your purchase regularly; 
  • Properties Overseas is member of AIPP (Association of International Property Professionals). The association requires its members to adhere to robust professional standards.

If you would like Properties Overseas to help you find your Spanish Property, call us on 0300 001 1247 or email us at info@propertiesoverseas.co.uk

How to buy with confidence abroad?

Consider the range of services and assistance abroad you may wish to access. In addition the support of a UK associate or partner can be a good sound boarding. Available to answer any queries about the process or indeed owning a property abroad from personal experience possibly.

Here are few suggestions, depending on your needs
  • Estate Agent/Developer
  • Legal Representative
  • Mortgage Adviser
  • Bank introduction
  • Architect & Builder
  • Currency Specialist
  • Property Management & Lettings
  • Tax Adviser
  • Insurer

Allowing you to tap into pre, during & after sales advice. Avoiding the here’s the keys and goodbye scenario.

Email sue@propertiesoverseas.co.uk for advice and introductions.

Spain – Where your € euro can go further

If you are considering buying or renting property in Spain we can help you with advice and introductions to established property finders and helpful professionals.

The cost of living -It is helpful to have a guide to the cost of everyday items like fresh market produce.

Weekly markets selling fresh produce + are easy to find.

The cost of leisure activities such as golf, tennis & water sports are very competitive. This may help you decide if Spain is a good fit for you.

Spain is cheaper than a number of its fellow European countries. Enjoy the wine, tapas and eating out regularly with friends. Spain allows your euro to stretch further.

Savour good wines & fresh tapas

We have found a useful web site with the information you may need. Visit http://www.numbeo.com for info on the A-Z cost of living.

Contact us info@propertiesoverseas.co.uk or chat with Sue on 07940913206 http://www.propertiesoverseas.co.uk

Is your property working for you?

We are going to have a series of blogs about the different aspects of renting your property.

A holiday home can deliver more than just a retreat or bolthole to escape the daily grind.

Your property is an asset which can generate income and achieve capital growth.

Think about how, when and who will use the property?


Your holiday home can offer flexible rentals

Short term 1 or 2 weeks or the whole of the 6 week summer holidays, or long winter let’s.

If you are for example in a city say Malaga, or Mahon or Ciutadella, demand may be high for a short weekend breaks. This may be particularly attractive to potential guests if transfer times are short to the international airport and are easily accessible either by road or public transport.


In the case of Menorca we can offer property management and rental services with concierge service to cater for every need.

Contact Properties Overseas to discuss your individual requirements.


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