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Currency Matters

When making a purchase such as a property whether it be a holiday home or a permanent full time move is a major decision.

To enable our clients to benefit from competitive rates on large sums of currency it is worth taking the time to chat through your options with a currency specialist to consider the best products and rates available to suit your needs.

If you are buying a new property stage payments are required. Forward planning can allow you to secure future rates to coincide with the required schedule of payments to be made allowing you to control the overall cost of the purchase.

Purchasing a resale property the need to secure a competitive rate for a large money transfer is worth seeking expert advice and can make a significant difference to the total cost of the property

Currencies on line group offer competitive rates and advice please click on the link for more information


Thinking about regular payments for the maintenance along with general bills and keeping the Spanish bank account topped up, is worth considering. Please click on the link below for private registrations for international payments


For Corporate registations for International Payments see below


Properties Overseas is are able to offer personal introductions to currency specialists please contact us if you require this service we are happy to help.

Currency Specialists – How do they fit into the buying or selling property mix

Currency Specialists have become a vital element in the process of either buying or selling a international property.

As their name suggests their sole focus is to specialise in buying or selling currency. They are able to get rates of exchange much better than a individual would achieve through the banks. Often no fees or transfer fees are payable.

The financial saving can be substantial when transferring £000’s to buy a property or indeed repatriating funds following a sale of a holiday home.

A comprehensive service is offered making the transaction easy and smooth.

For further advice on a range of currency options, contact us for a personal introduction to a currency specialist.

Look at http://www.nucurrencies.com

Speak to Andy Thomas quoting properties for excellent service.



Speak Natasha or Paul.

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